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How does the expertise of a commercial real estate (CRE) agent compare with a residential real estate agent?

A competent commercial real estate agent has extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate market and the access to properties listed for sale/lease within those local markets. This knowledge is invaluable to both sellers and buyers.

A commercial real estate transaction, in general, has more complexities associated with it than a residential real estate transaction, so it requires that the CRE Agent be trained with a different skill set.

What qualifications should I look for when choosing a CRE brokerage partner?     

A competent CRE agent must have extensive experience in the markets (geographical and specialized) in which you choose to invest.

A CRE agent must be able to give sound advice for each step of the transaction to facilitate a smooth and profitable deal. They also need to be armed with relevant facts, so that a seller or a buyer can make an informed decision regarding their investment.

Why should I list my property with Scarborough Commercial?

At Scarborough Commercial, our clients’ listings are registered on several major CRE websites in order to provide maximum exposure to the market. This comes at no cost to the client.

With more exposure to your property, more offers come in and more profit stays in the seller’s pocket.

What is the first step to investing in CRE?

The first step is to evaluate your purchasing power and assess what type of property and location you are interested in. With that information in hand, a brokerage, such as Scarborough Commercial, will be able to present market properties (including off market) for investment consideration.

What is the best source of CRE listings?

The best source of CRE listings comes through a trained agent who knows the market and communicates daily with other agents and sellers. That way, when new properties come on the market you as a buyer or a seller will be among the first to view them.

How do I decide the best location and type of  property to invest?

The best way is to schedule an introductory call with Scarborough Commercial. Together we will explore options and narrow the scope of investment properties based on which market you are entering, which type of asset, and required ROI.

Why is investing in the East Texas CRE market now a good decision?

The market in East Texas is set to explode over the next 10 years. People are relocating to the area in bigger numbers than before, and with them comes new businesses and great investment opportunities.