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Stewart Garrett 

Senior Associate

Stewart specializes in Commercial Property Management (Retail Strip Centers and Office Buildings). He will assist you with purchasing an investment property and then manage it for you.  One of Stewart’s specialties is Self Directive IRA’s and the many investment opportunities this can bring to the table in real estate. He has “been there…done that”, and can assist you in understanding the possibilities beyond the stock market. 

Stewart has more than 30 years experience in the transportation industry with two degrees: Aircraft Pilot Training and Automotive Technology. As a FAA Certified Flight Instructor and a Certified Automotive Technician he spent over 30 years as a trainer and representative with a car manufacturer. You might say Stewart is a “trainer at heart” and loves to facilitate learning.

Flying is definitely in his heart, as not only can Stewart fly full size aircraft but he enjoys flying the small Radio Controlled aircraft including what people now call “Drones”. Stewart has a side business, Texas Air Drones, LLC, which specializes in Aerial Photography/Video. Yes, aerial shots of Commercial Properties!

It is possible you could see him riding an east Texas highway on his “Harley” motorcycle.